Kiri & Udo Lindenberg 2016 live in Leipzig

Kiri & Udo Lindenberg

Kieran Hilbert & Udo Lindenberg
Kieran Hilbert & Udo Lindenberg Leipzig 1990

My father gave the film recording with my guitar playing to Udo Lindenberg 1986, four days after my first concert. Udo donated a vocal system. Two years later Udo discovered us in the hamburger Bierdorf. He took Luke and me on his tour. My band, Young & Restless, was separated. It was the first ice cold cut in my music career. I was always cautious about the music business from that point on. But the success was tempting and also signposts. My motivation was still my guitar. I hid my feelings behind my long hair that covered my face and rocked it like no one around me. To this day I go to the stage with this inner attitude, I kick you in your holy ass and rock my guitar like no other. That was a problem for musicians around me at the time and it is still today. This inner attitude has liberated me from religious fanaticism that shaped me in my childhood. At Udo Lindenberg Panikorchester I learned my musical ability. I played first take guitars Solis on many songs and alben by Udo Lindenberg, always honest and straight into the face. Udo stood on the table and yelped like a wolf and cried when he saw me playing the guitar. I became a member of Udos Panikband, produced in times where Udo's health very badly went a platinum album. I rocked with Udo 1989 through the DDR, experienced the turn east and west up close. On these tours I have been able to experience a lot of good things and I am grateful to Udo for this time. On the other hand, I have seen how cold and inhumane the music business can be. Music not cause of music , but only about the money. That was also the reason why I put an end to my cooperation with Udo 1993. 2016 I had again contact with Udo, played on his new album and should play the tour with. Then I crashed on Udos tour and injured my knee. In the hospital I felt very left alone. In my profession as a carer, I take care of sick people every day and now I had to relive how cold and inhumane the music business can be. Many fans stood by me during this time, wrote to me. A few musicians visited me in the hospital. I fought back to the stage after 4 weeks, although the doctors told me Kieran your knee takes 7 months. I had a medical certificate issued to me that I could enter the stage again. I gave Udo the certificate at the soundcheck in Hanover and in his coolnes it prevailed against the will of the organizer that I could play. Surely the organizer wanted to protect my health. I am very grateful to the concert organizer for this. But my will to rock at Udos concert in Leipzig on stage was strong and at Udo I learned in my youth "Thou shalt not beg, but demand ". So I rocked my guitar 2016 in Leipzig in front of forty thousand music lovers. Now I go my way to the USA Memphis Tennessee and who knows, maybe Udo is still pulling in his old days. Music comes first, then the business, because musicians also have to pay rent. I always remain grateful to Udo, but I also always observes his path in a friendly and critical manner.