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Presse Hameln 19.20.2018

Danke Peter Hoexter für den tollen Bericht.
Danke Peter Hoexter für den tollen Bericht. Hameln 19.10.2018 Hafenverein Hameln Hausboot Task


Prime Session Buchen Hainstadt
Prime Session Buchen Hainstadt BlickLokal/ Beate Tomann


KIRI, as he is lovingly called by his friends and fans, rocked the Hamburg KIEZ at the age of 13. His parents named him Kieran, named after Kieran White of STEAMHAMMER (Juniors Wailing). He already felt this song in the womb. In the legendary Tropical Brasil he learned the blues from bar owner Harry from Jamaica and house guitarist Pete Louis. Meetings with Johnny Winter, Stevie Ray Vaughen became influential encounters. Kiri was in the front row at several concerts by Rainer Bauman. Kieran learned his craft by listening to Chess Records (Willi Dixon and CO). The only guitar guitarist he accepted was Karl Allaut. When Udo Lindenberg Kieran saw and played guitar, then in the beer village Pöseldorf, he immediately took him on the legendary Feuerlandrevue. During the rehearsals in the Schiller Theater, Udo's tour partner FRITZ RAU said "Kiri, you will be the German Clapton". Unimpressed by the success of his youth, Kiri plays his guitar with passion. The stage is his feel-good place. Kiri is a member of the Panic Orchestra, representing Hannes Bauer from 1987-1993. Kiri played his last solo in Münster with Udo Lindenberg at a party in the Jovel Musikhall which Udo's bassist had built up at the time. Steffi is still an important companion. In 1993, he left the Showbuissnes, went to India where he worked at Mother Teresa in the hospice. Kiri wanted to learn sitar in India. His Guruji Kushal Das said to him: "Kiri, go back to Germany and play your guitar". In his inner search, Kiri studied theology and philosophy. After his orientation phase, he arrived in Germany and returned home.
Today, Kiri works as a nurse in geriatric care. Kiri is often invited as a guest with his guitar and on the stage with his band Kieran Hilbert & Friends. Music is for him art and affair of the heart. In 2016, Udo called Kiri and asked him to play a few solos on his record STRONGER THAN THE TIME.
In 2017, Udo Kiri donates his guitar, a "Blue Paisley Telecaster Custom Shop" in blue. He lovingly calls her BLUDO. With this guitar and his new band, Kieran Hilbert & Friends from Münster, he makes his way to Memphis Tennessee in 2018. Kiri & Freunde will record songs in Sun Records Studios there. NEW TASTE OF BLUES goes in the often dusty Bluescene unpopular ways for the sake of music. This is also his message "Wherever you are, play the blues with passion". Kieran is happy about his new and experienced band from Münster.